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ArcGIS Pro Rematch Addresses Problems

Question asked by goldmember742002 on Aug 8, 2018

I've just switched to Pro and I'm having a lot of trouble with Rematch Addresses:


  1. How can I view all of the unmatched addresses in a list that I can sort by? When an address can't be matched automatically and I need to do it manually, it is extremely helpful to be able to cluster all the tracts together.
  2. When I add a field to view, like the tract field for example, if I select that tract from a different layer, it resets the view and deletes that tract field.
  3. Every time I place a point, it zooms way out instead of staying zoomed to the tract polygon that I'm manually placing addresses to.


This is all very disappointing and causing this job to take at least twice as long as it should. If I can't fix these issues, I'm going to have to go back to ArcMap.