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ArcGIS Enterprise - What software components do I download and install from My Esri?

Question asked by on Aug 8, 2018
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We are moving towards ArcGIS for Enterprise 10.6.1.  We have no current installations of Enterprise, nor do we have a sandbox for testing and development.  We do have ArcGIS for Server (10.4) on our production site.  We would like to install Enterprise on a testing environment, likely virtual, as a means to educate ourselves on Enterprise-Portal, Server, WebAdaptor, Data Store platform - before we upgrade our production site.  I have been reading, watching, etc. all of the great resources available, but I have yet to figure out the exact pieces of software I need to download and install.  In My Esri (Products tab), I see ArcGIS Enterprise (Windows, 10.6.1) and ArcGIS for Server Enterprise (Windows, 10.4.1).  I also read ArcGIS License Manager 2018.0 is needed, and see this in the Products list.  Do I need 10.6.1 only plus the License Manager, or both Enterprise pieces and the Manager?  Anything else?  To start, we are likely to deploy Enterprise on a virtual single machine using the Builder, which I found on the Product Components tab.  Do I need to download this piece or is it bundled with the Enterprise 10.6.1 piece?  Please reply with help or point me to a location that can answer my questions.  We want to be up and running in an Enterprise production environment before the year ends.  Many many thanks in advance!