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Unable to edit features in AGOL

Question asked by luckachi on Aug 7, 2018



First off, let me preface this with the fact that this app was first created in Portal for ArcGIS and we are now slowly moving it over to least that is the plan.


I have a service, that was published through desktop, on our ArcGIS Server and created a web map in AGOL. I've added these layers using Add > Add Layer from Web and used the URL provided in the ArcGIS REST Services Directory. Once the layer is added, it then askes me for the Portal for ArcGIS credentials which is what it should do, at least I think so seeing that you need to have an account in our Portal to access the information. When I open the web mapping application it askes me for credentials again and when I click on the edit widget, it says that 


Your account does not have permission to create or modify data. Or this web map does not contain any editable layers.


I am not quite sure why it is saying this even after it asks for my Portal credentials? Unless there is a sharing setting that needs to be adjusted.


Any help clearing up this issue would be appreciated! Thank you for your time.