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Access ArcGIS Online Content while connected through a local portal site?

Question asked by gkmcbride on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by gkmcbride

I was looking for a quick solution to access public data through ArcGIS Online while connected to a local portal site.  Right now i use portal but when i want to search for public data it only sees local organizational data.  I like to pull in basemap data and environmental data all the time.  My current solution is to close arcmap, open arcgis administrator, and reconnect to arcgis online.  I am essentially closing everything and toggling between local portal and AGO.  I was hoping for a simple solution to keep all my information in portal secure and still have the flexibility to access the publicly available data in AGO.  I would assume this could be done through "Allow Portal Access" or "Collaborations".  I can't imagine this not really being an option.