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Geovent Process Monitoring

Question asked by jason.tipton.gis on Aug 7, 2018

Is there any way to monitor the progress of a certain service or output? I know there is the "Monitor" page, but it doesn't seem to give me what I would expect.


For example, the "Add to feature service" output increments immediately, not when the action is actually performed. I need to know when it was actually sent to the server. I have a process that will be regularly creating thousands of lines. I am testing it with 34,000 lines. This takes around 5 minutes to load into the database. The monitor claims that it is finished after 30 seconds. I could see where this would be possible (accurate), if all of the web requests were already done and it was just waiting on responses back from ArcServer, but looking at the logs in DEBUG mode, it appears that it is continuing to make requests even thought he monitor is reporting that it completed minutes ago.


Unfortunately, I have a process that I need to know when it is complete. This process is going to be batch and I won't be given just the updates so I will actually need to process every row every time. When this process is complete, I will need to kick off another process.