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Survey123 calculating geopoint defaults back to GPS

Question asked by andyschmidt on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by Naeim.Babaii@Chevron

I am having an issue with Survey123 calculating a geopoint  which defaults back to GPS location.  I am using Collector to launch the survey and pass values to the survey including a Latitude and longitude value then calculating the geopoint using concat(string(${LATITUDE}), ' ', string(${LONGITUDE})).  It initially takes the calculated point then zooms to my current device GPS location.  I can get the location back by pressing the refresh button on the map in survey123. This worked in the past but with the recent updates in version 3.0 this is no longer working for me.  I want it to default to the calculated location so it shows the location of the asset vs the location of the device where the survey is taken at


  Defaults to device GPSAfter pressing the refresh button it changes to the calculated X,Y from above