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Pro Destroys my Geodatabase!

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Aug 7, 2018
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As a sequel to Pro destroys my graphics card, it didn't take me long to also experience the destructive power of Pro! This actually happened...


User pulls down an AGOL HFS for some offline editing. Remembers that I want all new work to be done in Pro. Decides the best way to accomplish that is to import the MXD they're working in to Pro. Makes sense, sounds legit...that's what I'd do.....


Selects some records to delete. Clicks the mouse all over the place, eventually selecting the column that is driving the symbology. Wants to delete some rows. Presses the first delete-like button they see....


This took me a while to repro this one:

  • Layer A is a HFS
  • Layer B is a HFS, View of Layer A with a definition query that shows part of the country
  • Layer C is Layer B, with a definition query that further limits data to a state, but was "Saved as a new Layer" from the visualization page on the AGOL item description.

Layer C is what was used in "Create Local Copy For Editing" in Arc. The key is attempting to delete the column that is driving the symbology....


What I observed was that despite training and documentation, the "casual" Pro user is not going to immediately grasp the difference between "Delete Column" and "Delete Row" in the AT view. So they naturally selected a few rows and went to the first delete button that looked handy. 


The good news is, the workaround is, don't check out data in Arc and edit it in Pro, and don't try to delete columns. Easy enough.