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Find line distances inside of polygons

Question asked by baran.iscen on Aug 7, 2018



I allow myself to write on this forum today, having an "issue" with Gis. My goal is to determine :

- line distances inside of polygons representing regions within countries.


I thought that a working strategy would be :

Using in a first step the Identity tool in order to get the lines break at boundary and assigned to regions (with Input features being the lines and Identity features being my shapefile of European countries).

Then, opening the attribute table obtained, and choose Summarize in the "region code" column, the length field and sum as statistic.



However, the problem is that I obtain non-consistent results with this strategy. E.g. regions without borders, in the center of a country, are assigned numerous kilometers of line length while others near borders are assigned less kilometers. 



Shapefile of European countries and shapefile of historical borders


Thanks very much in advance for your help !!