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Refreshing a Select_one answer

Question asked by wws_ahargreaves on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by wws_ahargreaves

Hi James Tedrick / Ismael Chivite


I am struggling with some fairly simple logic needs. Here's my set up:

Order of questions:

  1. Cannot Locate: Select_one of Yes/No
  2. Covered Over?: Select_one (many answers)
  3. Surface Cover?: Select_one (many answers)

Here's my calculations:

  1. Cannot Locate: 
  2. Covered Over: if(selected(${CANNOT_LOCATE}, 'YES'), 'UNKNOWN', if(selected(${SURFACE_COVER}, 'CONCRETE'), 'NOT_IN_SCOPE',''))
  3. if(selected(${CANNOT_LOCATE}, 'YES'), 'UNKNOWN','')


This works just fine. For example if an answer is {CANNOT_LOCATE}='YES' and {SURFACE_COVER}= 'CONCRETE') then {COVERED OVER} gets set to 'NOT_IN_SCOPE'. However the issue is that in order to make this happen I need to hit the green "refresh" symbol (see screenshot). Is there any alternative to this?