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When will Collector open up to all Attachments?

Question asked by dougbrowning on Aug 7, 2018

Any update as to when Collector will be opening up the allowed attachment types? 


I have a potentially big nationwide project that needs the ability to upload csv attachments.  I tried renaming the file to .jpg - which seems to trick Survey123 but still gets filtered out somehow in Collector.  Then I tried going through a web page (since that works on a PC) and again it is blocked.


Is there a reason for this blocking?  I can attach and use csv files no problem when using a PC browser so I do not think it is a actual technical limitation - just seems to be blocked.


I was telling my client that Aurora should address this but so far I have seen nothing about it in the beta.  For now stuck with FileMaker which strangely has more features.


Thanks for any input.