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add lables on feature layer,10.2.9

Question asked by liutian522 on Aug 6, 2018


I have an online mapservice(roadmap) and feature service which contains the label infomation.  


I know how to add lables to the feature layer in  100.3.0 API,  Label map features—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android | ArcGIS for Developers 

But, my application is based on android sdk 10.2.9.  the feature layer does not have these methods, 





I have all the infomation,  "labelExpression",  "labelPlacement",symbol.,color, type.

But I don't know how to set it to the feature layer in 10.2.9

Can someone advise  how to do it?  thanks. 


 The feature layer can display symbols , but it can't show the labels.