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Single login pop up for multiple Story Maps Journal?

Question asked by Mayur_Dodiya on Aug 5, 2018


I have created 10 Story Map in Portal for ArcGIS > using templates > Story Map Journal.

I downloaded the Story Map Journal templates from github and hosted on my own web server.

Then, I have designed the web site with drop down menu of all the story map name. By Clicking on each story map name from drop down menu I am loading the story Map in iframe. It is working fine.

My story map, web maps its not private so it is asking for login to see the story map content.

Now, my problem is that I have 10 story maps and each time you open story map every time its is asking for login credentials login pop up to access the story map.

Is there any way that no matter user access any story map first and put the password so next time when you open another story map user should not get again login pop up to see the story map.

It is annoying users that every time you open different story map from drop down menu it is asking for login to Portal to access.

In short I want user to put enter the credentials only once and you get access to all the story map so you don't have to enter again and again when you access the other story map.


Thank you.