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intersect 3d not working

Question asked by MSilva_69 on Aug 3, 2018



I am really frustrated, in the past I was able to successfully use Intersect 3D, where the "to be intersected" feature was an enclosed multipatch representing a surface and the "intersecting" feature as a taller multipatch volumne ("3D shadow projection").

The problem I am having is that after entering all the information and specifying my output as solid, the tool runs extremely fast there is no output generated nor an error message. 


I do not know what else to do; what I am looking for is to be able to do is to create a multi patch which will represent the  shadow projected on the "sruface's top - as I did once in the past...I should have written each one of the steps  I took to do this at that time : ( - 


Any advice will be highly appreciated!!