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How to distribute and display SceneLayerPackage

Question asked by norbert.thoden on Aug 3, 2018
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I have a SceneLayerPackage create by CityEngine.

I use an SDK based application to display that that 3D object (building):


At V100.?

Portal: I shared it on the portal and is was displayd with some ugly artefacts.

File: I switched to read it from file, and the artefacts disappear.


(I created Esri Case #02064136 - [BOS] SceneLayerPackage not visible

This leads to BUG-000112832 : Scene Layer Packages created in City Engine 2017 do not behave the same as Scene Layer Packages created in ArcGIS Pro.

But there is no progress since March....)


At V100.2 and V100.3 i recognized that

Portal: now the building is not visible

File: the building looks fine.


So, what can i do?

My idea is to share the slpk as usual. Then 2 entries are created:

a) one of Type "SceneLayer" and

b) one of Type "SceneLayerPackage"

I would like to download the slpk (b) onto the machine running the application and load that building from file.


I have code to download, but where can i get the url o the slpk (b)???


Even if i share the slpk (b) there is no URL shown within the website of the portal....


At the end i would like to iterate of all entries in a folder ("Hosted"?) and download every entry having specifc tag or similar...)


Or is there another way to upload and download files???