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ReportPlayer with an area containing a large number of points

Question asked by jgalang on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by gburgess-esristaff

So, I'm working with the ReportPlayer (using Chrome) and running it with analysisAreas that contain feature geometry. When I have a large detailed area with lots of points (or many areas that, in total, contain a lot of points, the report player is unable to load the generated report.


I've tracked it down to the report player attempting to generalize the features (it only does so when a threshold is reached (e.g. many points)) and attempting to create a new Worker process. The console logs the following:

Failed to construct 'Worker': Script at '' cannot be accessed from origin 'http://localhost'

Now, a little searching tells me that Chrome will throw that error when running the script locally (i.e. with the file protocol) but that is not the case here. 


Just wondering if any ESRI folks have seen this or been able to successfully run a report on a large, very detailed polygon?


For reference, the Worker is being instantiated within the generalizeGeometry function of