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Pulling up Scanned, Georeferenced Maps

Question asked by daphnegis on Aug 2, 2018
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I work for a small utility company and I am in the process of scanning hundreds of old construction plans and as-builts from around the area. My plan is to georeference some of these maps and have them available for crews working in the field. I currently have it where some hand drawings can be accessed by links in the attribute tables but these are for single features. The drawings that I am scanning cover large areas and I am wondering what the best way would be so that if they are in an area, they could click on that area in the Collector App and the scanned map would show up. I have thought about making a Polygon layer that would outline the area covered by the maps, and adding links in the attributes for those polygons. The only issue there would be that many of these features may overlap or even encompass others (Smaller scale Overview drawings with multiple larger scale drawings within them). Does anyone have any suggestions on a good way to have these maps available to field workers so that they could click on a location and a scanned map pops up?