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Portal Login Issues

Question asked by Bleroux on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Bleroux

I recently set up a development Portal instance that is federated with a hosting server. All 10.6.1. Security is utilizing SSo with Active Directory. After configuring portal I set up my level 2 admin account and the other level 2 account is taken by the PSA account. I am able to log into the the web portal with my account without any issues.


When try to log in to the Portal using ArcGIS Pro I enter credentials  (domain\username) and PW in the portal sign in screen. The screen disappears like it signed me in but then says not logged in.Checking the Portal logs there is a message (appears 2 times)


The maximum number of licensed members for membership level 2 has been reached.

This is the same account I use to log into the web portal. Any ideas?