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Zoom-to/Pan-to/Flash Selected Feature not working in ArcGIS Pro with joined table

Question asked by on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 20, 2020 by GeoPolar

I have a project with a parcel feature class joined to a standalone table. 

The join works great and I also have a definition query on the joined feature class that functions as expected.  When I select a record in the attribute table and right click the record to zoom to it (or pan or flash, etc.), the entire data set flashes or it zooms to the entire extent and shows all features selected on my screen...even though only 1 record is selected in the table.  At the bottom of the table it shows that only 1 record of the 28 is selected but I can't zoom to that feature. I also can't switch the table view to see just the selected records. This seems to be because of the join.  When I take the join off, the zoom/flash/pan-to works fine and all functionality is back.  Even when I remove the definition query (with the join remaining) I still have this it appears that the join is the issue.  Has anyone else run into this issue? I really need to be able to work with the data in a joined fashion.