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Prevent Pan/Zoom Restrictions

Question asked by jeremy.bridges on Aug 2, 2018

In using the .NET Runtime in WPF, we've noticed something odd with max extent. If a TPK is the first basemap loaded to the map, it can set the MapView's maximum extent, restricting pan/zoom to only the extent of the TPK. This is an issue because we allow them to specify any number of basemaps and freely switch between them. As one can guess, it is frustrating to switch to an imagery layer and not be able to pan to anywhere you'd like to.


We could get around this problem by always loading a world-wide basemap first. However, we want users to have a fully useable app when starting it while offline. Since the MapView breaks if it can't get to the first basemap added, this isn't a viable option.


Is there a way to programmatically remove/prevent the pan/zoom limits?