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Custom Zoom starting level for Layer File

Question asked by Tim_Newcombe on Aug 2, 2018

Hi all. We here are relatively new to ArcGIS Pro, and are busy rolling out desktops and Portal to our organisation. We are an enterprise federated server site with a SQL repository for all our shared spatial information.

This may be a simple question, but I can't find how to set the initial extents of a layer file upon opening. As a default they zoom to the extent of captured features, but in some cases, upon opening, I wish to set the zoom and centre of the display to a custom setting. I have tried to alter the extents in 'layer properties - source- extent' but these don't seem to be editable (and may be the wrong approach anyway!) As a workaround I set a bookmark which is fine, but it would still be useful to get a customised starting zoom on a layer by layer basis.