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Connect Origins to Destinations Network Analysis Tool in Portal?

Question asked by Fsenyah on Aug 2, 2018

I’m attempting to use the 'Connect Origins to Destinations' (Analysis widget) tool in Portal.  However when launching the widget it returns the error ‘No analysis tool is configured!’.  Having then configured an ArcGIS Online account to use utility services the widget then works as normal.  Assuming this particular tool can only be used in Portal while using an ArcGIS Online service and not from your own published Network Dataset? I have 2 questions to ask:


1. What are the alternative options, custom widget or otherwise, for running multiple origin to multiple destination route calculations in Portal without consuming credits? 


2. The 'Connect Origins to Destinations' (Analysis widget) tool description states 'Pairs of origins and destinations will be connected using matching ID fields. Each layer must have the same number of features, and ID fields must have unique values within each layer'.  Is there a method of running this calculation where origin and destination layers do not have the same number of features?