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Copy columns from feature class into gdb table

Question asked by captmlejane on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by tshippee-esristaff

Here's the scenario:

I have a polygon feature class with about 200 shoals (shallow, sandy areas in coastal waters), and a table in the same gdb that I need to populate with temporal data (by month) for each shoal. The FC attribute table and the table are joined by a GlobalID. It'll look something like this:

I'm generating the temperature and salinity data from rasters displaying average temperature in a specific month via the Add Surface Information tool, which puts the results in a new field in the FC attribute table. Next, I need a way to transfer the values in that field into the water quality table (and of course, maintain the relationship of each value with the appropriate Global ID).

That's my question. Is there a way to to transfer the values in these two columns (GlobalID and the new field) into my Water Quality table? I feel like I may need to create an interim table to facilitate the transfer, and I'm right on the edge of figuring this out, but I need a little nudge.