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Survey123 Error when publishing

Question asked by NCKingTides_UNC on Jul 31, 2018
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I am attempting to publish this updated survey form but keep encountering this error. Attached is the Excel form with the field names and here is a screenshot of the issue:


screen capture of error I encountered


I am confused because these field names exist but it says they do not exist. 

The changes I made to the already published excel form as follows:

   Cell A18 and A19 changed from 'text' to 'note' type

   Cell D19 changed from the original hint to the HTML code to open Email

   Cell C2 given the label 'Description' because when attempting to publish a notification popped up saying it needed a label


That was every change I made to the excel sheet that was working before and then it doesn't work anymore. Any help would be very appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


EDIT: I forgot to add, when I hit "Add the following fields" it resulted in "failed to publish" I attempted to alter some of the options as well but that did not result in the problem being resolved.