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Survey123 supportsApplyEditsEithGlobalIDs must be true error

Question asked by jakethepainter on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by jakethepainter

I am publishing a Survey123 survey from a feature service in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.  I have Survey123 Connect 3.0.127 and Survey123 3.0.132


I had been publishing against 2.7 and then when upgrading, discovered the new requirement for supportsApplyEditsWithGlobalIDs must be true. My feature service had this as false.  So I enabled archiving on my (nonversioned) dataset and republished, and now the parameter is true in my featureservice (see attachment) 


However, my survey is still failing. To test, I have created a survey from the feature service item but have only one text field exposed in the survey. 


The feature class has a related attachment table, using globalids as the foreign key. Everything is being created with python (2.7)


I am creating brand new featureclasses in oracle SDE for this project, so can make schema changes if necessary. I just don't quite see what they should be.


The globalid index on both the featureclass and the attachment table are unique after enabling archiving. 


Hoping someone can point me to what I'm missing,