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collect and concatenate attributes of underlying layers in a spatial join

Question asked by bsriramak on Aug 1, 2018



I would like to do a kind of spatial join where a point layer get all attributes of underlying point layers.



I have 10 point layers , all with a common attribute field. The ten layers, may or may not have the same number of features. Features are overlapping across these 10 layers. Let us say we have max 6 features per layer possible. Each feature represents a measurement of pollution data.


Now I want to create a new point layer `combined` of the same extent and this will have the max 6 point features at exact locations as before, so this point layers is overlapping with points in the 10 input layers. 


The new point layer, should have a new field that combines (concatenate) all the 10  layers of data such that, any feature in the new layer has attributes of the all under-laying points. 


so, to simplify, let us say we have 2 layers, layer1 and layer2; layer1 has 4 [1,3,4,5] and layer2 has 5 [1,2,4,5,6]  features respectively. The total possible points are 6. Now, the `combined` layer has 6 placeholder features. I would like the attribute table of `combined` to look like this:


feature   all_values*

1.                [1,1]

2.                [0,2]

3.                [3,0]

4.                [4,4]

5.                [5,5]

6.                 [0,6]


* zero means no point in the underlying layer at this location.