Create a relationship between tables on a "LIKE" basis

Discussion created by ahmadabusaleh on Jul 30, 2018
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I am starting this discussion just to see if you guys have any ideas on how to implement the  following scenario.

I have points layer “Locations” these points represent light poles in real life, in some cases a single pole is connected to several projects, and to reflect that I use commas to add more than project in the  Project ID field, this was I populate multiple project id’s for the same pole.

On the other hand, I have Projects table that stores specific data about each project.

Now the challenge is that I need to relate the 2 tables together so whenever a user selects a point on the map he can get a list of all projects connected to this point with their related data.


Here is an example:

for the Point #5: its referencing project B,D,C how do I relate this data to the highlighted rows in the Project tables. is there any workaround to do this?



Thanks a lot,