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Can I uncheck a field from being visible, using python?

Question asked by ben_vk on Jul 28, 2018
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So I am consistently needing to uncheck fields from being visible prior to publishing to a web map, this can be tedious and time consuming, I would love to make a simple python toolbox tool where I run it over a MXD, it iterate over each item in my table of contents, and if I includes a specific field(s) it unchecks said field, then saves the MXD.


So to be clear, today I am having to open dozens of items from my TOC and uncheck these 4 boxes (selected in screenshot), then I can publish.


I would love to automate this, but I am unsure if I can control items in this fields tab. Can anyone point me to some help files/sample code so I can have a crack at this?



Thanks in advance for your time.