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How to quickly grab many (over 100) feature classes from geodatabase and import into ArcMap?

Question asked by AustinA_ on Jul 30, 2018
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Background: we have a shapefile with a County FIPS field and we have a geodatabase of many (over 3000) feature classes and the name of each FC contains the County_FIPS.. this shapefile changes from project to project (sometimes the shapefile contains 2 counties, while other times the shapefile may contain 400 counties)


Problem: many feature classes to find in geodatabase and drag into ArcMap


Question: How do we more quickly and efficiently import these feature classes into ArcMap without having to find and drag in one by one?

County FIPS is a common field in both sets of data. Knowing that, is there a Python script or Model we could create that would join these two sets of data and allow us to bring in multiple feature classes into ArcMap all at once??



Any ideas...






Austin Acton