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Featurelayer ClearSelection

Question asked by deleted-user-Qwv0Lt2wZ0Zu on Jul 30, 2018
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I have downloaded the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET 100.3 and I am noticing that the FeatureLayer.ClearSelection() method is very slow. I have a polygon feature class that represents a grid with 16x16m grid squares. The feature class contains 650,000 polygons. It takes about 6 seconds to run the ClearSelection method.


I know this sounds like a large number of features to search but I don't remember having slow performance with ClearSelection in the 100.2.1 version of the SDK. Have there been any changes to the ClearSelection() method at 100.3? And can you recommend any way that I might speed up searching for selected polygons within a layer that has this many features in it?