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Question asked by mtharol on Jul 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2018 by mtharol

I would like an example of how to create a point with say a circle and then offset a square. I see how you can do it with a LineSymbology(Symbology Sample Project) but I get an error trying to do something similar with the CIMPointSymbol.  Below is code that doesn't work but may help clarify what I would like to do.  Any help steering me in the right direction is appreciated.




internal static Task<CIMPointSymbol> CreatePointTwoMarkersAsync()

return QueuedTask.Run<CIMPointSymbol>(() =>
var twoPointMarkers = new CIMPointSymbol();
var circleMarker = SymbolFactory.Instance.ConstructMarker(ColorFactory.Instance.GreyRGB, 5, SimpleMarkerStyle.Circle) as CIMVectorMarker;
var squareMarker = SymbolFactory.Instance.ConstructMarker(ColorFactory.Instance.WhiteRGB, 5, SimpleMarkerStyle.Square) as CIMVectorMarker;
CIMSymbolLayer[] mySymbolLyrs =
new CIMVectorMarker() //circle marker
MarkerGraphics = circleMarker.MarkerGraphics,
Frame = circleMarker.Frame,
Size = circleMarker.Size,
OffsetX= 0

new CIMVectorMarker() //square marker
MarkerGraphics = squareMarker.MarkerGraphics,
Frame = squareMarker.Frame,
Size = squareMarker.Size,
OffsetX= 5
twoPointMarkers.SymbolLayers = mySymbolLyrs;
return twoPointMarkers;