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Why does doing a table join in a offline feature service cause sync to fail?

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Jul 29, 2018

With a 10.6 SDE (SQL 2014 ENT) Feature Class published as a 10.5.1 non-federated offline-capable Feature service, after defining a definition query and download the feature service as a mobile GDB, when I:

  • Extract values to points (to get elevation);
  • Join the results to the downloaded SQLite feature class;
  • Calculate elevation;
  • Remove the join

Upon pressing sync, I get a very weird error message. Adding the SQLite feature class to a NEW map allows me to sync, but (not shown below), attempting to remove and sync the SQLite feature class caused a whole 'nother set of problems. As this is a very common, and works-in-arc workflow for us, wondering if anyone else saw this and has since learned it's by design or something....