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broken links in story map webmaps, can't update without losing all data

Question asked by conniepokorny on Jul 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2018 by ressinger-esristaff

I have a story map (map journal) that I would really like to fix since it is in the ESRI gallery. My basemaps were moved about a year ago and I had to request a specific link to use them in my webmaps -- about 6 or 7 supporting my map journal. 


updating to the new link is no problem, I just tried it in my webmaps in


the problem is -- no matter what I try (whether I click "fix issues" to click the broken links in the story map app) or whether I open the existing webmaps in my content - the same thing happens. I open the map, it can't find the old basemap. I fix the link and the basemap loads - ALL of my previous content is gone...the extent, the other layers the map notes. Everything. I can't even "save" I am editing an old map -- but its making me save it like it is new, so all I have is the new basemap. 


I will basically lose all of my old webmaps this way if I updated each one with the new basemap parameters. How do I get around having to create all new webmaps just to fix the link to the basemaps which were moved?