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Coincident Point Features - Representation support

Question asked by ianmanning49 on Jul 30, 2018

Hi there,


I have a GIS file containing point locations of species distribution data. Each record has an X,Y location, that seems to be representative of centroid location of lakes. Guessing that the records are only specific to each lake. 


I want to put the service online and am using ArcGIS server to serve a feature class with representations, however, am having difficulty on how to display the information in an online environment. I have used representations, in ArcMap 10.6. and uploaded the feature service with the representation rules. While the representation looks good, pop-ups are only generated for the feature in the original feature location where the pop-ups are "stacked".


Any tips on how I can get pop-ups to honour representations? Otherwise, I'll just have to add some artificial scatter to the point locations, and push it out that way.