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ESRI's Viewshed GP task: how is it done?

Question asked by gasparovic on Jul 26, 2018



we are in a need of generating the VS polygons and have found this example
Geoprocessing - viewshed analysis | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.8 


which is great, though we are struggling to replicate the server side geoprocessing tool.

If we use out of the box viewshed 2 task, (as viewshed doesn't accept the distance), it takes nearly 3minutes (probably busy generating the TIF, but also, the grid is much more detailed (0.5m) for a point and 1km distance, whereas in the sample, it takes only 3secs.

Additionally, I can see that the model is returning the GPFeatureRecordSetLayer, which json, where as the viewshed 2 task generates only raster. Is this raster additionally converted to features?


Thank you for any insight on how we could improve on this.


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