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ArcMap 10.6 running slow while editing in a file geodatabase

Question asked by PSawyer_Chatt on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by ninabean

I have three layers that i exported from our sde database; I am editing in a file geodatabase.  I have a streets layer that is large file, a neighborhood polygon medium size file and a stream layer small file size.  The computer is a laptop, I use running on windows 10  64 bit . with an Intel processor 3.10ghz and with 16gb ram. My computer runs slow when I edit in ArcMap and even when i try to pan , zoom  in or out in a  mxd document.  Does this have anything to do with having only 16gb of ram. The data i am trying to edit is annotation in the file geodatabase.  I have created new mxd documents and the same thing occurs ; ArcMap runs slow and stops responding. Even simple field calculations ArcMap runs very slow and sometimes does not complete the task when I try to do a field calculation.