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Unable to add the user to the group. They may not have the privileges necessary to join this group, or may already be a member in the maximum number of groups (512).

Question asked by d_okeeffe_DOIT on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by d_okeeffe_DOIT

Portal 10.6.1


As an admin/group manager,  I created a level 1 user profile for one of our employees, but cannot add them to a group.


Organization > user's profile settings > Add to groups ....... gives the error pop-up above.


This is a new user and not part of any other group on the Portal.

The Group settings are:  Open to Everyone (public) and 'Those who request membership and are approved by a group manager' can join.


I have verified the level 1 role permissions are default. Organization > EDIT SETTINGS > Roles "Viewers consume the resources of the portal. They can use the portal's maps and apps to explore data and join groups to access content shared to the groups."


Any ideas?