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SDE Add table gets a record 2x and 3x for a user

Question asked by RandyCrumley on Jul 26, 2018

I have a user connected to the right version of an sde database using direct connect in sql.  For some reason, when he adds points in a certain FC, it will do 2 add records and sometimes 3 add records, each referencing a different state.  these 2-3  states  are the same for an hour or 2, then there will be a new set of state IDs the adds table references.


There are custom scripts that run on their toolbars that do a few things behind the scenes, but nobody else has add tables doing that.


Looking for probable causes.  Already ruled out that he has a child version, ruled out direct default editing, ruled out that he is instantly making an edit and then another.  He is only configured to login to 1 machine so ruled out multiple instances.  They are not mods because there are about 9000 adds for him and only 74 deletes for the table for the whole database.  

What is it?