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How are ArcGIS Pro standalone applications supposed to find the required DLLs?

Question asked by jmanriquez on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by jmanriquez

Does anyone know what the guidelines are for deploying an ArcGIS Pro standalone application?  I specifically would like to know how is the executable supposed to find DLLs:  ArcGIS.Core.dll and ArcGIS.CoreHost.dll.

The machine we're deploying the application to already has ArcGIS Pro installed, so we are NOT delivering those DLLs with the application.  

Are those DLLs supposed to be in the System Path?  We tried this and for some reason it did not work, the Executable threw an exception with a could not load file or assembly error message.

Are they supposed to be registered to the GAC? This worked, but we are wondering if this could have some bad side effects on ArcGis Pro 

Are they supposed to be copied to the executables directory? This worked for us but we're questioning whether this is the ideal solution.


What is the recommended way?