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Hosting my own app & moving index.html

Question asked by contactweb_apca on Jul 26, 2018

I am trying to host the storymap app on my own site. I can do this only if I upload the entire contents of the app code in a single folder, as it was zipped. This is a bit burdensome & redundant when dealing with multiple maps.


The problem comes down to init.js which tries to call /resources/nls/template.js from the same directory as index.


Our website is dynamically constructed and there is no actual directory to host the template.js file in the specific location.

Is there a way for the init.js file to not rely on the index position? or, Would you know a way to include a the resources/nls/template.js as expected by init.js in a dynamically constructed website. (sitecore 6.2)