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LayerList widget 4.8

Question asked by ochaudhry on Jul 26, 2018
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I have upgraded my web app to 4.8 version. But seems like there is another issue/bug with one of the widgets. The layerlist widget is not showing the 'eye' to the turn the sub layers on/off for a MapImageLayer. It works fine for same data layer in version 4.7 . Has anyone else had the issue?


Here is my code and snapshot of the layerlist.


const map = new WebMap({
'basemap': 'topo',
'ground': 'world-elevation'

const view = new MapView({
container: "viewDiv",
map: map,
'center': [-x,x],
constraints: {
minScale: 1155582

const dataLayer = new _MapImageLayer("*******/Webmap_ver27/MapServer", {
id: 'datalayers',
opacity: 1