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Why can't I use a date field in a definition query when downloading offline-capable feature service

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Jul 26, 2018
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In many offline-capable feature services hosted on many unfederated GIS servers (10.5.1), sourced as feature classes on SDE 10.6.1 (SQL 2014 Ent), when I define a definition query using a date field, when I download the feature service for offline editing, the download fails as I suspect the SQLite Mobile GDB can't handle the definition query on the date field, which is a pretty big problem, as a common editing workflow for us is to use date-driven definition queries so we're only editing the data we need to. 


However, downloading the full feature service then applying the definition query on the date field works, so that tells me the the problem is NOT SQLite....

....which is a problem, as I have feature services with hundreds or thousands of features, one way we limit hammering the network (or even getting offline download to work on Intel I5 machines) is to only pull down what we need to edit by using a definition query on the service first, then downloading it. Dates are one of the more common ways we filter (I only want the data from last week's work).


Works in Arc.....