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Why does restarting the ArcGISServer Service speed up client operations in a DC environment?

Question asked by RandyCrumley on Jul 25, 2018

We are using direct connect, not through a service or whatever the old way is so it should have no effect.  I don't want to admit it, but they are on server 10.1 over there. I took over here a few months ago as the IT admin so I am working with an existing setup trying to figure out why exactly everything is setup the way it is. 


The thing I don't have an answer to is the ArcGisServer service.  I tested it - if I disable the service, they can work all day, no problems.


Our remote office uses direct connect and database authentication to access sde databases, as do we.  They edit and post a good bit of data as we are a production shop.  They were having issues with selections and queries taking a while today, and a few times in the past.  


I checked all the regular stuff, compress success, states, etc - nothing is out of wack.  I go the the services on their sde server, restart the service, and then I ask them "try it now" and they'll say "whatever you did worked, it was a minute, now it takes a few seconds to do whatever I was trying to do. thanks."

What is up with that?