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Aerial Tile Alignment Issues

Question asked by jadavis101699 on Jul 24, 2018
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I have eleven aerial tiles (TIF) that I will be using to create a mosaic.


Unfortunately, 2 out of the 11 tiles are severely lacking in accurate extent and void of spatial reference information.


I have tried modifying the coordinate systems of these tiles using ArcCatalog(RC-Properties/Edit Spatial Reference) to match one of the defined tiles to no avail.


I have attached screenshots corresponding to the properties section for the rasters in question - please see 13-1996TIF.jpg and 18-1996TIF.jpg.  The other attachment, 12-1996TIF.jpg is an example of one of the tiles that does come in successfully.  The extents of both 13-1996.TIF and 18-1996.TIF are drastically different than the other tiles as evident by the example in 12-1996.TIF.  I can't help but think this is the key but I do not know how to approach the issue if it is the problem.


I should also note that 12-1996.TIF is the northern neighbor of tile 13-1996.TIF while 18-1996.TIF is its eastern one.


Thank you and I hope you can help.