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Editing Layer while having Copy in Basemap layer

Question asked by on Jul 24, 2018
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  I have a database that I use in Arc Desktop (we're still on 10.3.1) that I access through SDE using versioned editing.  The issue is I have created 6 copies of that large database and I use those to display different symbologies for certain features and paramaters to make it easier to visualize while I'm working and also want to see new features or changed features be updated to these symbologies.


  With that, it means ARC will hang from time to time due to there being a number of layers and sometimes the "waiting to respond" takes quite sometime and sometimes quite often.


  To fix this issue, I put all those copies of the main database in a Basemap Layer which solves the hanging issue.  However, that just introduces the issue that I can no longer get into editing mode, because the original SDE database (the copies) are in a basemap layer.


  Is there any way I can do a simple work around to fix this issue?



  Currently the only thing I can do now, is to group all the "copies" and then remove the group from the basemap, enter into editing mode, then place that group back into the basemap layer and start editing.  Meaning anytime I save (which I do often to do random crashes and such), I have to repeat that process each time, making it a pain.