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How to connect mosaic datasets

Question asked by on Jul 24, 2018

I've created source mosaic datasets (MDS) for all of my imagery and I'd like to create a [modified version] of derived MDS from my source MDS. One that references the original MDS and copies any changes in the source MDS including attribute table, overviews, footprints, etc. 


One example is that I'd like to create a file geodatabase that includes mosaic datasets for every image in my collection. It would be great to "copy" the source MDS into this new geodatabase and serve them to my colleagues without giving them access to the source data.


I've tried simply copying the source MDS into a new file geodatabase, but the MDS that is created references the original imagery, not the source MDS.


I've tried creating a new MDS and using the Source MDS as it's source. This works, but it does not copy the overviews or attribute table of the source MDS to the new one. I've tried synchronizing, but that doesn't work either. 


Is there any way to "connect" two different MDS and have it so any changes in the Source MDS affects the "derived" MDS?


My data structure is this:


1) Directory with all my original imagery

2) Directory with all my source mosaic datasets that references the original imagery

3) A file geodatabase the combines all my source mosaic datasets into one place that I'll serve to all of my colleagues. 


Any help or comments about this (or my database structure) is greatly appreciated.