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Is there an easy way to get point and line colour to match?

Question asked by Cursus on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by cconnollyesriuk-esridist

Hi, I have a series of track coded 1 through 16, both point and polyline.  I have tried to use colour ramps to differentiate the colours of the points and they applied the same colour ramp to the polyline features.  The two colour symbologies do not match.  I have tried saving the colour ramp under a new name but no joy.  I have tried importing the point colour allocation to the polyline but it will not see the symbology as they are different types of Features.  Short of manually symbolising the polylines I am at a loss.  I have tried saving as a lyr and importing the lyr file.  Any and all suggestions welcome.


ArcGIS:  10.4 64Bit

System:  Windows 7