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Why isn't the 'select-result' event firing when clicking a suggestion in the Search widget?

Question asked by apatriz on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by apatriz

I had a hook on the 'select-result' event when clicking a suggested result from the Search widget. It seems this event is not firing anymore when clicking a suggested result, and instead a full search is being performed.

We are using 3.25 -- i've tried with 3.24 as well.  It doesn't seem like anything changed within the Search widget from previous versions.

Is the 'select-result' event supposed to fire when clicking a suggested result ? It seems like it should since the work has already been done to retrieve the feature -- why execute another search?

Can anyone confirm this?


Update 7/25/2018:

I've tracked down the issue to a flag passed to the _hydrateResults private method of the Search class. This flag (3rd parameter of the method) is hardcoded as false in the minified code so i can't tell what this flag represents. 

When set to true, it allows feature layer search results without geometry (i.e. from a table) to be passed on as a valid results, which will then lead to the select-result event firing as appropriate.

If anyone has any info on what this flag is, it would be appreciated!