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Reading and rendering a folder of Rasters

Question asked by Serienmorder on Jul 23, 2018

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with rendering a folder structure of different RPF maps. 


I have four different CADRG file types, GNC, JNC, OKC, and TPC. Right now I'm having to create a new Graphics Layer for each raster file and that seems super inefficient. It also loads every map instead of what is just inside my viewport.


I see one title on the community about a Tiled Image Service, but I can't seem to find references to that in the documentation. Is that what I'm looking for? Can someone point me at what I need?


On reddit, a user suggested I create a "OGC GPKG" and avoid reading them as the source files. I'm more for the OGC GPKG because that doesn't tie me down to a ARC GIS only product in the future.