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ArcGIS Pro fails to access folder

Question asked by drunix on Jul 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2019 by integrashare_dimensions

I saved an MXD in ArcMap, then went to import it in ArcGIS Pro, and AGP cannot see the folder I used at all. I thought the problem might be in "Import" so I tried other file dialogs. Same thing. ArcMap + ArcCatalog = work, ArcGIS Pro = fail.


Since I saved only a minute ago from ArcMap, I know it's not a permissions problem.

Here is a screenshot of the AGP "Add Folder Connection" window on the left and an Explorer window on the right.




Owncloud is a sync program like DropBox. It works flawlessly with all other software I use including QGIS 3. I use it extensively to manage and back up my data.


AGP continues successfully to block every attempt I make learn how to use it. Migrating to it at work remains unlikely.