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Stylus Support in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by jerome.haaland on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by awells

How is it possible for ArcGIS Pro to NOT have stylus support?


I have a brand new Lenovo P52s (it is an awesome little laptop) and have used a Wacom digitizer for years to efficiently edit data.  Now as I try to move my GIS workflows to ArcGIS Pro, something as simple as trying to use a stylus does not work.


I also installed ArcGIS Pro on a Samsung Galaxy Book PC (a great little tablet PC with a beautiful stylus).  Again no way to use the stylus in ArcGIS Pro.


What year do we live in???  And how long is ESRI going to take to develop ArcGIS Pro???


How can ESRI not fundamentally understand that their software is used by businesses that depend upon fluid easy use of their software?


ESRI seems to have some fundamental management problems.  The low level tech support at ESRI is awesome.  They always work very hard to address problems.  However, as soon as a problem has to be elevated above a low level tech person, nothing is ever changed.  Problems just drag on and on forever.


ESRI middle and upper management... Wake up and pull your thumbs out.....